What is Hypnosis? :

Hypnosis. Hypnosis is many things, a concept, a state, a skill, a tool, and a lesson. When you really try to break hypnosis down, you are left with the fact that nearly all acts of communication are Hypnosis. The act of hypnosis is using the way the brain understands words to assist it in relaxing, and when the brain is in that relaxed state, all suggestions that are given to the subject become more than 25 times more influential and effective. While you have someone under hypnosis or you yourself are under hypnosis you are able to override or surpass the critical mind, the skeptical voice in your head that questions nearly everything that goes on in the outside. By surpassing that you are able to communicate directly to the subconscious mind which is the part of your brain that literally does everything you aren’t thinking about. It’s possibilities and potential are unlimited. If you change something within the subconscious mind it will happen with you having to do anything consciously about it.



Beliefs and Your Reality:

When you are able to communicate with the subconscious you are able to correct limiting and unnecessary beliefs that you have created for yourself in the past. Your beliefs create your own reality, and that is the truth that most people do not realize.  By changing your beliefs you can literally change any part of your life that you want to change by simply tweaking your own reality of how everything works. You create your beliefs within your subconscious mind through your experiences and what you are told by those you trusted completely when you were young. The subconscious mind has mainly one goal, one purpose, and that purpose is survival. So an example of how it functions would if you were little and you fell into a pool and didn’t know how to swim so you almost drowned. This experience would of course terrify you, and this feeling of fear will be linked with water because you almost died. Your mind will make that connection and you will later in life most likely have a phobia of swimming and you won’t remember why. Another example would be if you saw something traumatic and during that traumatic experience you heard the sounds of a bell ring. It is possible for your subconscious to associate these two things together and in turn you will have fear of the sound of ringing bells. This is an example of a useless and limiting belief that hypnosis could easily help you to rid yourself of.

Ways to be Put Under Hypnosis:

 As stated above, a state of hypnosis can be accessed through magnified concentration, but that is not the only way to bring someone into hypnosis. The conscious mind can be shutdown through a few or methods.  Overall the back round of these other concepts is focusing, however it is on what do you get the person to focus that assists them in overcoming their consciousness. Overload, Confusion, Disorientation, Focal Point, Pattern Interruption, Indirect suggestion, Loss of equilibrium, and Shock. Each of these is explained on another page, to learn more, just click on the link.

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