Conscious - Subconscious Dissociation:

 Conscious-Unconscious Dissociation:

Framing the existence of any problem onto the conscious mind due to it’s severe amount of limitations. The solution to the problem is always within the subconscious. This technique uses the metaphor of “two minds” allows you to explain any problem as a limit of the conscious mind and attach any sense of resolving that problem to being linked with the subconscious mind. By simply explain the differences of the conscious and subconscious minds will begin to put some one into trance especially if it is some one has never heard about anything like this. The Idea of having two mind inside one brain will be a thought that is difference enough to already have some one within an altered state.

 Facts to Use:

Conscious Mind: 7 plus or 2 chunks, sequential, logical, linear, asks “why,” thinking waking voluntary movements, aware of only now, tries to understand, directs outcome, deliberate, verbal, attends to information, limited focus, cognitive learnings.

Subconscious Mind: Everything else, simultaneous, intuitive, associational, cybernetic, knows, why, feeling, sleeping, dreaming, involuntary movements, storehouse of all memories, knows solution, expedites outcome, automatic, nonverbal, synthetic, records information, unlimited, expansive, experiential learnings.

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