Welcome to Hypnosis Online. This website was built for you to be able to understand and have access to Hypnosis on all level for nearly all situations and abilities.  So once you understand hypnosis you will simply understand that it’s benefits can literally be endless.

So what exactly is hypnosis? Hypnosis can be best described and comprehended as unconscious communication, which of course goes both ways. Your unconscious mind is the part of your brain that performs all the other activities that happen automatically as well as finalize the learning process.  So basically your unconscious mind is doing literally everything else that you aren’t consciously doing. The conscious mind can normally only be able to focus on anywhere between 5 to 9 things at one point in time inside or outside the body. A good way to be able to understand how limited the conscious mind is, is to imagine that you are in a pitch dark room, and you have a small flash light. Only the areas where you shine the flash light are the areas you can consciously be viewing and focused on, all the rest is handled by the unconscious mind.

 Also the Unconscious mind is the foundation of all learning that takes place in your mind. As information is learned, it goes through our conscious filters and once it is finally learned, that information is stored in the unconscious mind. For example, think of all the phone numbers you know. Think of your home phone number and can you say it to yourself? It was stored at a subconscious level. Obviously if that information was stored at a conscious level then you would have to be consciously thinking about it all the time so you wouldn’t forget it.

Fortunately for us, our unconscious minds store what we have learned and facilitate the recall of that learning with ease. Within this lies the effectiveness of hypnosis for therapy and training. By communicating directly to the unconscious mind, we pass through the filtering process of the conscious and allow learning to take place at a much more accelerated rate. So now imagine being able to learn, remember, and recall anything that you want, as well as being able to heal unwanted mental symptoms and being able to change any physical condition that you have.

It has been scientifically proven that most humans are only accessing up to 7% of their brains… Now through persistence and hypnosis you can be among the few who begin using the other 93%. Join the ranks and enjoy the extreme power of your mind now.

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