Everyday Examples of Trance:

Driving is a great example of being in trance. There are a few occurrences when you drive, like when you leave the house having to go to the supermarket and end up driving your route to work that you take every morning instead. Or maybe when you’re on a long drive and time just seems to go by so very slowly, or when you’re trying to get somewhere quick, time seems to always be against you. Another trance occurrence that you might have add while in your car is when you are at a stop light and the light turns green but you never noticed, and this is because your conscious mind is no longer aware of what is going on in front of you and instead you are much more focused on your inner thoughts. Also when you’re in a supermarket you are often in a bit of trance, especially when you’re waiting in the checkout line.


Obvious a time when you would go into trance, sleep is one of the best examples of trance that everyone has experienced. When you go to sleep your brain slowly travels through all the states, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Once it reaches delta is when you are complete asleep and unconscious, however you don't stay in that state through the entire night. Your brain alternates between states throughout the entire night, going from delta to theta, froom theta to alpha, then slowly back through theta and alpha again, this is how your body recooperates. By alternatiung through the states the brain is able to download and conpress the information recieved throughout the day as well as allow the body to rest. Before you wake up, you obvious have to go back through the states before you reach Beta, the "waking state." So you always start your day in trance, and end it in trance.

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