Two Minds United:

Two Minds Working as One:

Through all previous information, it seems almost as if the conscious mind is completely useless and overall just a burden, but in reality the conscious mind is a very necessary and essential portion and without the unconscious would become useless as well. What is being said is that both minds have their relevant values, yet the two also are combined in am mutually interdependent, co-existing system. The findings of a Dr. Benjamin Libet, an innovative brain researcher, conclude that the conscious will does not initiate an action, but rather selects and controls the outcome. While on the other hand, the subconscious mind is capable of engaging in diverse and highly specialized tasks which, at times, may even be contradictory to one another, so the subconscious relies on conscious activity in a way. A great analogy which can clarify in a more direct way the relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds would that of the Captain and the Ship. The conscious mind would be the Captain. It’s main responsibility is to set the course and direction of the ship. Someone need to be aware of where the ship is headed, there must be a goal. The subconscious mind is both the ship as well as the crew. The primary objective of the subconscious is to carry out the orders of the Captain, in other words the subconscious is the “doer” and the conscious delegates all the task the crew needs to perform. The Captain also always tends to and checks the ship (the body) to make sure that there are no problems and it is strong and sturdy. What happens when you have and overactive Captain in command of your ship? He thinks that he has to do every job on his own rather than trust the crew and letting them do the jobs they were trained to do. A good Captain should trust his crew do their job and if they really need his attention, they will call for him. If there is mutual respect as well as understanding of their separately dependent  functions, they will exponentially increase their strengths and guarantee smooth sailing.

Nominalization of the word “Mind”:

We have taken the verb “mind” meaning to pay attention, obey, be careful, feel concern, or object, and turned it into a noun, which is what it means to create and nominalization. The noun “mind” is used in a sense of separating the conscious and subconscious minds which a both part of one single brain and cannot be physically separated under any circumstance. However, this curious ambiguity create a metaphoric illusion which can be a great tool for a hypnotist and will be discussed later on…

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