How Hypnosis Works:

How Hypnosis Works:

Hypnosis is being in a relaxed state and this is accomplished through focusing your conscious mind on one thing so strongly that eventually you are able to bypass it because it is no longer focused on being skeptical. There are different states your brain is always in. There is:

Beta: The waking state, in which you function throughout most of the day.

Alpha: This is a more relaxed state in which you can communicate with the subconscious mind. In this state, essentially, the brain is simply operating at a slower pace.

Theta: The best state to give suggestions in and this state in nearly identical to the state in which you have dreams while you sleep. The is the ideal state, but there is only a thin line between this state and Delta and it is quite hard to keep someone within this state for extremely long periods of time.

Delta: The sleep state, in which your conscious mind is completely shutdown and you yourself are completely unconscious. It has been argued whether or not suggestions are still as affectively received within the Delta state, so argue that this is also a great time to give suggestions because the conscious mind is no longer blocking the way. Others argue that because the conscious mind is completely shutdown, there is no link, nothing tethered to the present moment and therefore none of the suggestions are received.

The brain is never completely in one state, it is always changing. Some portions will be in Beta, others in Alpha, but never is one state spread throughout the entire brain.  The more you go in and out of each of these states, the more control you have over what state your brain is mainly in, which can be very handy.


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