Revivification Technique:


Revivification is very useful to use before you begin trance and change work. Essentially this technique consist of asking the client or subject questions about an experience, and the more detailed the questions get, the more into the experience the person get which produces an altered state. You are getting people to virtually relive a memory from their past. By asking all these questions you are installing the state in the person at that time. The more questions you ask, the deeper the client goes as the have to search their memory, open a file, and stay in that follow for also long as you’re done asking questions. This technique can come across as more conversational but can still be used to either warm the person up for your induction or even be used as an induction of it’s own. This technique puts people into trance because as they are so deep in their own thoughts they end up with time space disorientation.

Step one: Gain rapport by matching and mirroring physiology and auditory qualities and as general questions about their hobbies, life, pleasant experiences, ect. This will appear as if you are gathering a brief history as well as an overall sense of how your client spends time.

Step two: Once you have found a topic which might have resourceful states associated with it, start asking Meta Model questions, questions that gather specific information. Begin by asking externally contextual questions using when, where, with whom, and what was happing? This will orient the person back to the context. Once you notice that the person is oriented to the context, switch your tense from past to present. Using linkage words such as “as,” “and,” and “while” to create a smooth transition.

EX: When you think about that great training last year, what is the most intense part? (Wait for response)………… And as that is happening, what are you feeling now?

Just continue to become more and more specific and move their attention inward to sensations, feelings, and even thoughts at that time. This intensifies the kinesthetics and creates the trance state by bringing the clients thoughts inward. This will also increase the chance of your client speaking “loaded words” which are natural anchors that can be used for that experience.

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