Pacing Current Experience:

Pacing Current Experience (Similar to the 5 things Rule):

When you preform the "Pacing Current Experience" Technique, it is more of a techinque to bring them gently into a trance. What you are going to do is begin talking about things they are experiencing like how they are breathing. You just continue to point things out to them that they soon notice after you say it; this will create the illusion that everything you are talking about is happening just as you say it, and that confusion is what brings a person into trance. 

The "5 things rule" is to help beginners who would like to try this technique. What you do is first name five things they can notice that is happening externally. Once you do that you name four things that are happening externally and one thing that is happening internally within their body or mind. The step after that would be three external and two internal, so on and so forth. You simply continue with that pattern until you reach only telling them 5 things that are going on in their body, and by then they should be in trance.


"When you look up here, one of the things you can start to do is begin to consider who you will be working wit next. And as you consider working with that person, what you will be doing is just pointing out things about what they should/are experiencing right now and if you want relate those to becoming relaxed. Such as saying: You’re sitting there, listening to what I have to say and beginning to wonder about what we’re going to do or maybe you know what we’re going to do. You may become aware of certain sensations, maybe the way you back rests against the back of your chair, or the backs of you legs against the legs of the chair and al those thing can help you to relax even further. I don’t know how you will relax, you might just relax by just sitting there, honestly I don’t really know. But as you relax even more you begin listening to my voice even more , as well as noticing how you are breathing and when you are deciding to blink. Once you recognize this you are ready to just let go and relax even more every second and just allow you eyes to close." 

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